Blockchain Underlying Architecture Diagram

APP Architecture Diagram

Brief Introduction

1.Use https for all network communication.

2.Use certificate pinning to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks in APP.

3.Use the API gateway to perform the load balancing, timeouts and retries, and fusing protection.

4.Use cache cluster to improve the performance.

5.Use the MySQL database cluster in system.

6.Blockchain and IPFS services as fundamental services.

7.Database master-slave replication adopts GTID mode.

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Development Cycle

Technical Team

kris Lee


As a senior public security expert, and expert of Ali Yun Big Data Department expert with more than ten years of big data handling experience, Kris had worked in a leading public security enterprise as Chief Officer in data center. He was responsible for managing and structuring the company's core product line full volume data. Kris has rich experience in architecture design and large R&D team management.

Shean. K. Zheng

Chief Technical Architect

A database technical architect with over ten years of experience in big data processing and mining, Shean had worked as the Chief Officer of big data central division in a well-known cross-border e-commerce company. He had also worked in HNA financial systems architecture and R&D department. With over 1 billion users data processing and architecture, Shean has rich experience in architecture and FinTech R&D sector.

Dr. Huang Xiao Hu

Application Technician

Huang graduated from City University of Hong Kong as a Ph.D. major in applied statistics, a distinguished scholar at Texas Agricultural Machinery University in the United States. He has in-depth research on blockchain technology, encryption technology and underlying algorithms in the field of mathematical tokens. He has rich experience in application of public chain development.

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